Consultations during COVID-19

During the lockdown from December 2020 all consultations will be conducted via video or phone. When ‘close contact services’ are able to resume (level 3 in Scotland) then we can resume face to face consultations. At which point the measures detailed below will be followed.

Attending the clinic

The following additional guidelines are necessary to ensure your safety, and all who attend the clinic


If you have any COVID-19 symptoms (high temperature, sore throat, loss of smell or taste, cough, shortness of breath etc), or have been in contact with anyone who has (within the previous 14 days before your appointment) please ring me – 07747 010620 and do not attend. Please do the same if you are required to be quarantined due to foreign travel, or have been contacted via NHS Track & Trace.

If you previously tested positive, please contact me and advise when and if you have been medically deemed ‘recovered’.

This includes the morning of your appointment. Please do not attend, isolate as per Government procedures and arrange for a test.

If subsequently you display COVID-19 symptoms within 14 days of attending, please ring me to ensure I can alert NHS Track & Trace as a matter of urgency.


Following a mandatory risk assessment, additional measures have been taken:

– 2m distance will be maintained

– Hand sanitiser is provided on arrival and / or handwashing facilities are available if preferred

– Windows will be open to increase ventilation

– Enhanced clinic room & toilet facility cleaning before and after consultations

– Signage has been erected to highlight important precautions

– Consultations are spaced out to allow extra time needed to clean premises

– Client sofa is covered with a sheet for you to sit on, fresh for each consultation



Please do not arrive too early. I may be unable to admit you more than 5 minutes before appointment time due to cleaning.

On arrival, please park beside the green, opposite the Old Police House (stone cottage).

Please leave all unessential personal belongings in your car. When you arrive please call or text to let me know you are there.  Please come directly to the red door in the wooden house. I share the wooden entrance decking with my neighbours and am mindful of their safety. I will open the door and step back to ensure social distancing is maintained.

Please feel free to attend with your own PPE (clean mask, gloves etc – entirely your preference). These will not be provided.If you are over 70 or have been asked to shield I would recommend wearing PPE. If so, please contact me before attending and I will wear a face mask for your arrival.

Please restrict attendance to yourself as the client (or one adult with one child client).

Understandably young children will be more inclined to touch surfaces. We can discuss possible strategies to minimise this in advance.

Again apologies, existing clients will know that I usually provided tea / coffee / water etc, but am temporarily unable to (to ensure adherence to essential hygiene procedures). Please do bring a bottle of water with you if you think you will feel thirsty (sessions are lengthy, with substantial talking).

As mentioned, windows will be open during the consultation for ventilation so please do consider wearing easily removable layers to ensure your comfort.  If it is cold the heating will be on.

For your first appointment with me I will ask you to email a short questionnaire to  me at least 24hours before the appointment. This will enable me to print and avoid unnecessary handling.

I prefer payment via bank transfer.  However, if you wish to pay cash please bring correct money with you to avoid need for handling change.

Finally, if and when the Government eases restrictions, I may not be able to relax these changes immediately. Please be patient as a full review of the risk assessment will be required first, therefore due diligence will be maintained. Please be assured this is to ensure all reasonable steps are taken to ensure you remain COVID-19 secure while attending the clinic

Your health and well-being are my priority.